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and i. want you to you know. we just take a patient to martin luther king with nausea and vomiting which. just in the emergency room and based on her level of severity so get in bed. we got there before your other patients and she got a bed and now the other patients are going to wait even though they might have more severe problems they might have to wait for a bed for hours. if martin luther king you know even if they just limit their number of beds which they're planning on doing to forty two beds then that's going to be repercussions for everybody so. hopefully it won't get to the point where it's going to be affecting patient care to the point where people are going to be waiting for such long times that they're not going to be getting treated as they should so we'll see what happens. yeah he was actually
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injured right check out the vehicle and the passenger. there is no one in the end to this we are the county hospital for the poor and yet we're the trauma center for everyone on the south bay area of los angeles. so it makes no difference if you have the best insurance in the world or no insurance the next time you're in a traffic accident if god forbid we have an earthquake or bioterrorist attack we are the place that you want to come we're the place you're going to be brought regardless of where you want to come and if we're overcrowded have no gurneys you're going to be in trouble you're not going to get the kind of care that you deserve. it's not the train wrecks that really scare us and keep us up at night. who would scare is a sin keeps us up at night is that essentially a pandemic flu it'll take about. twelve hours before every hospital your is overwhelmed. by. the forty three year old with a pretty important yeah well but he said if you go to the emergency room there's
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another we can do you're the emergency room right now. well can't they help me there at the emergency room. a lot of times they think you know i want you to take us in the ambulance because we'll be seen faster in the e.r. . we. needed the emergency room he was to be transported from one hospital to the other because you know use an i pod he would present theories that he wants to go to kaiser no. there's one way we can do that here and now one of those was. with a tool that was developed and like any tool you if you don't have a set of instructions along with a tool is going to be misuse and abuse and eventually you don't break.
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it up with water from the metal detectors you're already in a hospital boat on a moment in there and i'm trying to get an interpreter for you or movement film and i will get that you find out what is the birds are clean. and you know by the time of his ship alone the don't give him the love that it was ok all the emergency room my wife does care about is dying and then there's a don't want to help her out ok when he came down i don't know if i don't get the obama team blood ok and why aren't they helping or yeah i'll get
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a watch in or who did you know doing it and they're just watching her ok eat the contact the nurse or doctor let them know to bomb any blood they don't believe they're not gonna let him in if he's causing a problem he's to contact the county police officers at the security dept there was no doubt medics are not going to pick him up or pick is why a proper mop will catch the already at. one tooth to whine. like a merchant hopefully will build up well. it went first it will not look appealing that but that's why i guess that's why. we have about it going to court let me just remember that that was out at the pentagon where we're going to benefit your you're at that you're at the hospital ma'am and i asked them
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i cannot wait for you for the quality of the hospital they're your campaign just like i want to use commercial purposes only ever have it much it's about emerging ma'am as it is not a merchant topic maybe yeah ok well that's not a criminal think it was where i'm going to get to contact the hospital or buy it was ok let them know that we have been to do with that now the plan i wanted to use for mercy purposes only a life threatening emergencies that is not. a was. a. eight.
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where the after that incident with actually have patients are actually not in the e.r. but in the ward but they're not getting timely treatment in a word they want more pain medication don't pick up the phone and dial nine one one to worsen e.m.'s kampenhout to the eighteenth floor of the hospital to provide more pain medication for a patient inside there. no you go there we want to see you have been our firefighters paramedics are incredible i mean they're you know we think that we're constantly doing training and more training more training and they stepping up to to fill that gap but is that what we want as a society for the fire department to become the health care system. that. a big part of the fix is more primary preventive care because the people with diabetes and high blood pressure get treated early than they don't come in here with heart attacks and strokes. and you are a little sad this. is. then you go primanti actually you love
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in an ideal world for us need to open up those county clinics and so we have some place where individuals will walk into before they become in crisis and need actually nine i want to service it all comes down the phone but there's a catch twenty two you know situation so what we did here for our season sixty five we've added two more rescues that we can put into place if things get really bad which they do a lot here. is it a band-aid yes but it's the song of many we have right now be able to serve everybody in this community. and. let's.
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cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut. no no no no no that the president are going to. come together. but it was.
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wealthy british silence on. the money. markets. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our. he is going to be able to eat food. into.
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the latest news on the week's top stories. the arab league is set to decide the future all of its efforts on syria as violence continues to escalate and the u.s. gathers a coalition of the willing against. the spirit of revolution and returns to egypt on the first anniversary of mubarak's ouster with thousands of protesters calling for an immediate step down by the ruling military council. the people of greece march on the streets over a new set of cuts as the government struggles to keep the country's economy afloat by securing yet another bailout. and russian civil society takes center
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stage in politics as a group of public figures steps up to monitor the upcoming presidential elections but with the backing of all the candidates. with the top stories of the week and today's headlines this is the weekly with me rule received shine the arab league is mulling over what further action to take on the crisis in syria this comes as the country's violence. when used to escalate there is apparently no end in sight in a few moments we'll be talking to our teaser she's standing by live in cairo where currently a pan arab body is meeting we'll do that in just a moment but for now in cairo thousands of people have now joined a general strike in protest against the ongoing military rule exactly a year as i mentioned after president mubarak stepped down demonstrators what the
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supreme council of the armed forces to see the power to a civilian government they're unhappy with how the generals have been running the country few reforms being made and increased repression of the opposition dozens of protesters were killed over the last few months and clashes with the police all over the country and you parliament's been elected and is drawing up a constitution or the military says it won't step down before the end of june but one middle east expert tells us here at r.t. that the gyptian people have already waited far too long. what you see is more or less pressures on the street. very much reflects the frustration of the protestors with the mismanagement or the management of the transitional period by the i think the supreme council is willing to leave power in the end but with a very strict conditions conditions that ensure that it still has reserved
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a means of power in terms of national security policy in terms of foreign policy in terms of legal and constitutional immunity for its leaders and in terms of the vast konami interests and the economic empire that the military establishment owns. and in a meeting with america's top military officer egypt senior general defended the clampdown on international nongovernmental organizations in cairo the country's armed forces want to restrict the work of n.g.o.s and of water to probe into their conduct claiming that some were working to destabilize the country. reports from cairo. egypt's new government crackdown on n.g.o.s has raised many questions and they may want to is why now the groups many of which funded by washington have been on the ground here for a while they were at the vanguard of the uprising against mubarak that eventually brought the supreme council of the armed forces to power last february and no one
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has ever seems to care about their sources of income that is until they directed their criticism to the new military leadership blaming scarff for the slow pace of reform some of them are used by the other. that are quoting people they are working the notion that they are the ones that evolution they have . won the radicals who live there this is very much a dangerous war the rhetoric of this is special led to prosecutors raiding seventeen offices of advocacy groups forty three activists including americans germans and egyptians are now facing trial for illegally using foreign finds to promote unrest in the post mubarak country activists however claim they are the victim of scarves reluctance to give up power with dreaming the people about with their brights but the scaf looking for enjoy. subdivision against the regime and
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all the mind the round up of activists has also not had a son of u.s. transportation secretary ray la hood further fueling tension between cairo in washington. isn't simply because. of them in a sort of plans for. i don't think that. at all in the thing at all so this is a game and there it was military aid to egypt reaches one point three billion dollars annually has been very serious there has been quick to condemn the car when in the days of blank checks are over or they condemned mubarak tons of times but at the end of that the continued on flowing that the provides support also continued on flowing we don't buy or washington's so-called support for democracy here in the middle east and washington wants to step in always the situation as much as possible in order to get on to its interests they don't care about democracy meanwhile even those on the streets protesting against car chanting councils
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concerns about the engine whose motives the usa has had a hand into its policy making for years but the whole n.t. and your campaign has become the first serious disagreement between america and the countries your story takes cairo wanted to send washington and message that it's no longer the silent dog it was under mubarak but an independent state which will last for the rate any outside interference some doubts though they really minute the end to military movement growing have a bigger you can see it over there this is in council of the armed forces or scholars now running egypt is in a very vulnerable position and this nationalistic pronouncement may just be a nationalist show put on to calm the people down and to win back a shred of credibility. cairo. part was we continue to hear about the unrest and i suppose the sense of disappointment with people in cairo with the ongoing military rule there although
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the muslim brotherhood has taken the majority of seats in parliament let's talk about are not the issues in cairo so to speak but the actual plan are a body this meeting today in cairo to discuss the ongoing crisis in syria and the trying to decide i suppose we're. exactly what to do with syria's on going problems here between the government forces on the opposition let's cross over there we're going to go. no no consensus in the u.n. security council on syria what you think we can expect to come out of the league meeting today and how might that actually change anything what's going on in syria . well if anybody has high expectations for today's meetings it's the syrian opposition who are hoping that the arab body the arab league will at least partially accept the syrian syrian national council as the official and the is the official body right now in libya recognizes them so maybe they're hoping that this will be their chance to be recognized officially now the arab league
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observers mission in syria which began in december of last year but they stopped their mission there in january already saying that the violence was escalating there are hopes that the arab league will team up with the united nations observer mission and they will start their proceedings over in syria to order to reestablish peace in the country now of course over the past several weeks we've seen a rise in the rise of violence in syria particularly in the city of holes. has been heavily according to activists who were siding with the opposition they say hundreds of people have been killed just over the past week however. however the official damascus has a different point of view on the matter let's have a listen. those people who have been on people who
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supported the government. people who were kidnapped by the two groups and they were massacred on the. evening after the. or during the time of the meeting of the security council in new york. again violence continues to spread in syria just on the friday there were there were between car bombings in the series seconds because the city of aleppo got that but those bombings took the lives of twenty eight people and the day afterwards and saturday a syrian general was killed just outside his home in the mass because of course syrian officials say that these armed rebels are being supported both financially and militarily. forces from abroad who want to see foreign intervention in the country there have been reports that that security services from qatar and from the u.k. are operating in syria of course those forces those those that information has not
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been confirmed just like it pretty much all the reports from syria to a blackout of foreign media it's really hard to see what exactly is happening on the ground. part i mean if i may just a moment let's just talk about how russia's role here for quite some time now moscow has been trying to mediate some sort of a peace agreement between the government and between the opposition. trying to achieve that as we know it hasn't seen much of any any blessing from the international community however moscow still tries to bring both sides to the negotiation table. well russia insists that the only people who really can bring a solution in this crisis are the syrians syrians themselves in fact russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov i was in what was in damascus for talks with with the syrian president bashar assad after those talks says syrian president looked looked like he was ready to sit down for talks with the syrian opposition but the
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opposition refuses for those talks they do however say that if those talks are to happen if the negotiations between the opposition and the syrian government are to take place then russia must play and mediating role meanwhile russia's envoy to the united nations security council to tell you have been told r.t. that the only solution in this case it will be for all. size in syria to lay down the arms. as the money during mission of that i believe was there and as the situation was evolving everybody saw that the government troops were pulling out of certain. city is that was taken over by armed rebel groups that would mean that the. armed confrontation will continue and escalate. now again it's important to know that just on sunday al-qaeda lead the new leader said that he also supports
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a syrian opposition he actually called on all muslims in the arab world to unite and. basically come into syria and support those fighting against the syrian the syrian regime at the moment in fact they're at their obvious points from the iraqi intelligence to say that al qaeda affiliated militants already flying in from iraq into syria to fight on the side of the armed rebels and of course you also have to keep an eye on washington for trying to gather a coalition of the willing so to speak who are hoping to put more pressure on this on the regime of president assad in order to step down again washington refuses to have any. any talks with the syrian president they basically have in their mind done away with the. regime and they're hoping that if they continue to press their point and the united nations and among their allies they will reach their goal all right there will be checking in with you later in the day to see how it goes with
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the arab league meeting in cairo discussing the future of syria thanks very much. as the u.s. and its allies pile of pressure on the syrian regime while putting their faith in the opposition some analysts warn that a revolution in the country could spell disaster for the syrian people. the united states and european allies are interested in regime change in syria and they won't stop at anything that does not deliver a differing government that they hope will be more sympathetic to western interests which is quite naive really when you think about it because the people in syria are likely not going to be more sympathetic to the american and israeli aggression and throughout the region the free syrian army is the armed opposition it's conducting very violent acts against civilians in syria against both the government and you know innocent syrians i don't think the syrian people are really going to appreciate you know an outside exile group arming and training these people and
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it's grateful to think of what could be coming next if an externally forced power is is suddenly implanted in syria that is not at all representative of the people and syria could lead into another iraq so it's just really quite devastating right now the way things are progressing. and you can always find more news on the latest updates on syria website all to you dot com some of the other items of study by a few there right now for example the day of rage against new. laws has rocked the world with protests taking place in dozens of cities worldwide. also one line they solve. between overseas military threats from the u.k. rather disputed by.
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now a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital this is our city the greek prime minister lucas papademos warned of quote uncontrollable economic chaos if parliament does not approve a plan for fresh cuts on sunday new austerity measures have already been adopted by the greek cabinet to secure a one hundred thirty billion euro bailout from the e.u. and the international monetary fund but without it the country could default in march in the meantime our six ministers have already resigned in protest over the new cuts package and some m.p.'s from two major coalition parties are threatening to vote against it in parliament the draft bill suggests firing fifteen thousand civil servants and lowering the minimum wage increases two biggest trade unions have held afforded how a strike against the measures of demonstrators clashed with police and. moderate a book of roof of the financial advisory firm a.c.m.
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pockets in chicago believes that the new bailout will merely delay a greek economic catastrophe. greece is either going to commit to last year or the measures which i and many economists argue still is not enough to guarantee that recent deep balls or it will default just sooner rather than later a lot of people are talking about disorderly default i don't think the european union more greece is going to allow that to occur because frankly i think the markets have been fooling themselves the last six months by thinking that there is a better or there are an option i think what you're first going to see much like greek economists have been saying is a shrinking economy a poor to buy percent this year think about what that means for a country already on the brink of you know so-so not necessarily collapse we definitely definitely instability and economic not through it but certainly you know it's certainly not growing in things certainly aren't getting better a decrease of mortify her sense of growth combined without fear of the measures
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combined the political pressures of the european union will definitely distort disrupt result significantly in two thousand and twelve. and artie's financial analyst mike sky is a believes that greece has become a convenient scapegoat for some other major countries the creditors who are going to take a haircut on their debt already have that fully insured in the credit default swap market and they're going to make money no matter what they don't take any risk that's why greece is in this problem to begin with all of the toxic debt that has been accumulated on banks' balance sheets around the world in germany and the u.k. and the u.s. have been put onto the balance sheet of greece and now the government of greece wants the people of greece to pay for this toxic debt the debt in greece did not originate in greece it originated in these other countries that have used greece you know as a toxic debt don't don't their debt well they're taught here we always love it when you participate in our in our stories table.


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